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Orca at SeaWorld euthanized after bacterial infection

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SAN DIEGO — One of SeaWorld’s oldest killer whales was euthanized Tuesday following a battle with a bacterial respiratory infection.

Park officials say 41-year-old Kasatka was euthanized after her quality of life had been compromised.

SeaWorld released a statement on Kasatka’s passing:

“Today, I lost a member of my family. I have spent the past several years with Kasatka and was truly blessed to be part of her life. Although I am heartbroken, I am grateful for the special time we had together and for the difference she has made for wild orcas by all that we have learned from her. I adored Kasatka and loved sharing her with millions of people. I will miss her very much.”

The development comes just months after SeaWorld Antonio lost Kyara, the last killer whale calf born in captivity. Park officials say she died due to pneumonia.

SeaWorld has come under fire for its treatment of killer whales since the 2013 CNN documentary “Blackfish.”