9-year-old runs local coffee shop, says he’ll take over Starbucks

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Camden Myers, 9, has been successful at leading Cam’s Coffee Creations, a pop-up style coffee business.

He and his mother, LaTasha Lewis, set-up at places across Winston-Salem.

“I think he realizes that you don’t see many people like him running a business or working at a business,” she said.

Cam has special needs related to a traumatic brain injury that happened at birth.

“While we were going through that process of trying to pin-point exactly what was wrong, he was starting to realize that he was not doing well in school,” Lewis said.

As a way to inspire him, Lewis helped Cam use his love for coffee to develop a business where they would sell coffee on the weekends.

The pop-up component of the business would lead to Cam’s own product line of coffee blends available for purchase online through his website.

“One day I will take over Starbucks,” he said.

Lewis says she has seen a significant boost in Cam’s confidence.

The goal now is to inspire others. The family hopes to raise $20,000 for a mobile coffee shop. Cam says he wants to see people like him run the truck.

“I want them to have a good day at work,” he said.

“We’ve said to him, who you are is wonderful. Who you are is more than enough, and so Cam’s Coffee Creations gives him the opportunity to be more than enough,” Lewis said.

Lewis says Cam’s Coffee Creations has been selected as the official beverage sponsor of the Triad Minority Business Expo.

Cam’s Coffee Creations is currently accepting applications from prospective employees with special needs.

If interested, e-mail camscoffeecreations@gmail.com.

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