Stunts run in the family for the Warrens

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The family that does crazy scary stunts together stays together.

The Warren family travels the country putting on their exciting stunt show at race tracks like Bowman Gray Stadium.

Randy Warren drives his truck on two wheels, his daughter Stacy gets out and does a headstand while grandson Randy does the two-wheel thing too.

Randy has been a stuntman for over 30 years.

Randy says, "Everybody says you're not going to be able to balance a truck, well yeah, you ride a bike or a motorcycle, you're on two wheels, not four, you have to get the truck up to the balance point and it's riding on the same two wheels as the bike or motorcycle."

The Warren family stunt car show is about more than just entertaining crowds. They use it as a ministry.

"I was supposed to be dead 10 years ago from alpha-1 antitrypsin and I'm still going," Randy said. "And now I have liver cancer on top of that so I'm taking chemo treatments right now but God's got a plan for me. He's the one that when he's ready for me to go I'll go but until then I'll be here. I'm going to try to turn as many people to Him, and the way I look at it, if we turn one person a show toward God it's worth it".

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