Students get hands-on at Career and Technical Education Center in Alamance County

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- At the Career and Technical Education Center in Alamance County, students are proud of their school.

"I have taken every computer program class offered here and they are wonderful," said CTEC graduate Brandon Crowder. "Anyone who has an interest in programming, I definitely recommend it."

And that's why Crowder is back at CTEC even after his graduation. He's a counselor at a summer camp that gives rising 8th graders a look at what the school has to offer.

The program offers programming, design, digital media, nursing, engineering and more -- and it's all available for campers to explore for four hours each day.

"It's all interactive and hands on, but it's the exact same way we teach the classes here and so they are really getting a taste of what it's all about," said CTEC Principal Darrell Thomas.


And it's all before the students actually get to high school.

"I think doing that shows a great example of what you can eventually achieve," Crowder says. "While it wasn't too advanced, it was still showing them it can be fun."

It's a strategy that seems to be working.


Although the camp is just a week long, students say it has them looking to the future so they can learn more.

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