5-year-old girl found alone, crying after being dropped off at wrong bus stop

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STURGIS, Ky. — A mother was distraught when she says her 5-year-old daughter was dropped off at the wrong bus stop, WFIE reported.

Union County mother Paige Allen was waiting for the school bus Thursday to drop off her daughter at their Sullivan home but she never arrived.

“(The bus driver) went right past me, dropped the boy off across the street, then kept going,” Allen explained.

Allen immediately called the school system.

Meanwhile, a neighbor found the girl crying on a curb and brought her home. The kindergartner had gotten off the bus about a quarter of a mile too soon.

“When he told her to get off the bus up there, that’s exactly what she did,” Allen told WFIE. “She listened to the adult and in this situation, the adult was wrong.”