Memorial ride makes sure Short family is remembered

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- The community of Martinsville can't bring back the Short family, but they can certainly make sure they are remembered.

"We don't want the Short family to be forgotten," says Ray Reynolds, as succinctly as it can be put.

Reynolds is a professional photographer who was asked to take pictures of the early parade of motorcycles and cars that became known as, "The Short Family Memorial Ride." For the last several years, Reynolds has been one of its organizers.

"It just touched my heart when I heard what happened. I just couldn't stand by," he says, his voice trailing off as he shakes his head at what happened that night.

That night was Aug. 15, 2002. Someone came into the Short's home, just outside Martinsville in the Oak Level community, shot and killed Michael and Mary and then took their 9-year-old daughter Jennifer. Her remains were found about six week later in Rockingham County not far from Madison and Mayodan.

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