High Point woman discovers used needles in her neighborhood

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Thursday afternoon, a woman walking down Central Avenue in High Point found something she didn’t expect to see.

“First I was scared. I mean a kid could've walked by 10 minutes later and stepped on those needles. Somebody could be walking their dog and their dog could step on those needles. Anything could happen,” she said.

She found a pile of used needles laying on the ground just past the intersection of Central Avenue and Grand Street. She spoke with FOX8, but decided to remain anonymous.

She started noticing needles in her neighborhood in the past year, but not this many at one time.

“I’m frustrated because the needles are still there. I’ve done what I can as a citizen to let the police know that they are there. So who's responsible for cleaning them up?” she said.

We reached out to High Point police and they say don't get a lot of calls about this.

They suggest that you should never attempt to recap a used needle or throw it in the garbage or recycling bin. Instead, use a sharps container from a local pharmacy to discard it and then have the city come once it's full to dispose of it for free.

“School is going to be starting soon and I mean it is just dangerous and should not be in our neighborhood. It should not be in any neighborhood,” the woman said.

High Point police didn't directly address the situation on Central Avenue but say if someone calls police that they will come and check it out.​