Jason Corbett’s brother says Molly Corbett, Thomas Martens ‘didn’t just kill him, they slaughtered him’

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LIMERICK, Ireland -- Wayne Corbett, Jason Corbett’s twin brother, is still coming to grips with Jason’s murder.

“It's surreal. You don't ever think anything like that would happen to a member of your own family and you don't think you would have to live through it,” he said.

His brother was hit in the head 10 times with an aluminum bat and cement brick.

The autopsy showed Jason died from blunt force trauma to the head.

He had strong words regarding Molly Corbett and Thomas Martens.

“They slaughtered him. They didn’t just kill him, they slaughtered him,” Corbett said.

More than two years after the Aug. 2, 2015, murder, Molly Corbett and Thomas Martens were found guilty of second-degree murder in Jason Corbett’s death.

Corbett and Martens were each sentenced to 20-25 years in prison.

“It’s not a celebration what happened yesterday. It’s just a bit of closure that those people are being held responsible for what they did to my twin brother,” Corbett said.