Florida man finds boa constrictor living in his attic

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ENGLEWOOD, Fla. -- A Florida man says for years his son and wife complained of noises in the attic, WFLA reports.

When he finally went up there to check it out, he found a huge boa constrictor living there.

Bob van der Herchen told WFLA he believes the snake was at one time someone's pet and it probably got into his house by slithering off trees near the home.

The boa probably called the place home for quite some time.

Over the past few months, van der Herchen's son had a feeling something just wasn't right.

"He used to complain he'd hear sounds in the attic. I didn't think much of it. I thought maybe it was rats," van der Herchen said.

But his son was convinced it was a snake. Finally, van der Herchen found it hiding among insulation.

Based on shed skin found by a trapper, the snake may have been in the house for two to four years.

"Probably over the last couple of years, my wife said she heard sounds in the attic. My son said he heard sounds in the attic," van der Herchen said.

Finally after much wrangling, the boa was removed. The snake was more than six feet long.

van der Herchen said the snake was bunking in the rafter space right above a chair where his wife sits.

"Only in Florida!" he said.

The snake trapper is now looking to find a more suitable home for the boa.

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