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Piedmont Triad boy bitten by black widow spider

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Erin Walker has a routine during summer.

She will often get her three kids ready to enjoy a morning in the backyard pool.

This past Friday, there was something else swimming with her kids that would send her into a panic.

“James, my middle son, yells that there’s a spider in the pool,” she said.

“I saw the red mark on its belly, so that’s how I knew it was a black widow,” James Walker said.

Walker was frantic at first, but was more at ease after it didn’t appear any of her kids had been bitten.

However, some time passed and Walker says her 2-year-old son, Beckett, started to complain of stomach pain.

Although she gave him some stomach medication, the pain seemed to get worse.

She took him to the hospital not wanting to take any chances.

“As we were walking in is when I noticed the bite on his arm,” she said. “They confirmed it was a black widow.”

Walker says the symptoms didn’t show up until an hour-and-a-half later.

She also has a strong belief behind how Beckett was bitten.

“[I’m] almost positive it was in his puddle jumper, the life jacket he had on,” she said.

It was hanging next to the pool and she thinks the spider could have been in the area of the puddle jumper that covers his right bicep.

Now Walker says she checks everything her kids may be wearing or playing with and she urges parents to do the same.

“You do those extra things just to keep them safe,” she said.

Beckett didn’t have to receive anti-venom.

He is back home and his parents say he has recovered.

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