Couple flying HondaJet around the world on 80-day adventure

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Florida couple is flying around the world in their new HondaJet, planning to visit 26 countries in 80 days.

Julian and Kim MacQueen started their trip Sunday afternoon leaving Pensacola, Florida, and flying to Greensboro to meet with the HondaJet President and CEO Michimasa Fujino.

The HondaJet is manufactured in Greensboro as a versatile business jet with the capability to carry its owners efficiently and quickly to their favorite destinations.

The MacQueens have always been world travelers and when they pre-ordered the jet 10 years ago they had a feeling it would be the means to make an around the world trip together.

They headed to Nova Scotia when they left Greensboro with Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and Monaco as the first leg of the trip.

“To me it’s a time machine, you know, the Honda Jet just shrinks the world,” Julian MacQueen said.

“It’s a time machine so after your trip you’ll be younger,” said Fujino, with the quick comeback.

Fujino presented MacQueen with a special HondaJet watch that he designed and had made by Seiko.

“This is basically just living a dream. I don’t think we could have ever considered doing something like this without an airplane like the HondaJet,” MacQueen said. “That experience of flying your own airplane into these exotic places you only get a chance to read about, that’s just over the top for me, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have that opportunity.”

The trip is expected to set many world records for flights in a HondaJet, including already setting the time record for a flight from Pensacola to Greensboro in a HondaJet.

You can follow the MacQueen’s and the HondaJet on their website,