Cal Ripken World Series underway in Clemmons

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CLEMMONS, N.C. -- They don't play baseball for a big contract or the fame. These 12-year-olds play this game to have fun.

Clemmons is hosting the Cal Ripken World Series and these kids can really play.

The host team Southwest Blue and their second baseman Parker Lowe thinks they can win it all.

"We have home run hitters, we have fast people, we have all the assets to make a good team and we have a girl and she's good so that makes it all fun," Parker said.

That girl is Abby Hunter, outfielder, strong arm, bats second in the lineup, hit a clutch three run homer the other night.

"I don't like to be treated different like, 'Oh my gosh she's a girl,'" Abby said. "'Try not to hit her,' hit me, I'm not that special. I'm just a girl, I'm not fragile."

There are 10 teams vying for the title: some from far away like California, Washington state, Kansas and Rhode Island.

Win or lose, these kids will never forget this special time playing the game they love.

Coach Brad Hunter says, "It's bigger than the game of baseball, the memories that we will have with these kids to carry on for the rest of their life will far outweigh the wins and loses down the road."

The action continues this week with the title game on Thursday.