Cal Ripken World Series great for Clemmons businesses

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CLEMMONS, N.C. -- A famous movie line sums up the feeling in Clemmons. "If you build it, they will come."

"I really think it was the facilities," Clemmons Mayor Nick Nelson said. "The community and the people they met with that sold them on coming to Clemmons."

For over a year, the Village of Clemmons along with hotels and restaurants, have been mapping out each step of the Cal Ripken Baseball World Series. Now that about 120 boys and girls under 12 years old are in town, the energy is high.

"It's at a new level," Nelson said. "Having the World Series has energized the community. Our businesses have been behind it."

At the Village Inn Event Center in Clemmons, the hallway is decorated with baseballs and a cut out of Babe Ruth. Event Center General Manager Lana Schlotfeldt says all the rooms at the hotel are booked through Aug. 10.

"It's been wonderful," said Schlotfeldt. "They visit the restaurants and gas stations. They've been hitting up every business in town. It's been great for the Clemmons, Lewisville area."

Jaime Maldonado and his son Cruise are a part of the baseball team from the Los Angeles area.

"This is my first time in North Carolina," Maldonado said. "I am excited for my son. This is my second son to make it to the World Series. Very proud dad."

The Cal Ripken World Series wraps up on Thursday at Southwest Athletics Fields at Wilson Park in Clemmons. Mayor Nelson says he is eager to bring back the tournament.

"We are looking for this to become a tradition in Clemmons,” Nelson said.