Renovations continue at High Point Central High School

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- It’s almost time for students to get back to the classroom, but at High Point Central High School the work outside of the classroom has really never stopped.

“It would be much easier if this was just, you know, a cow pasture before and we could come out here and have at it, but whenever you are trying to work around students and make sure they remain safe but at the same time meet some very aggressive schedules to get the project done it can be tough,” said Julius Monk, executive director of facilities for Guilford County Schools.

The building itself is nearly a 100 years old.

However, within the past year, crews have been able to complete work on the auditorium along with building a new cafeteria and converting the old one into a new media center.

Both are expected to open this school year.

“It has been great to see all of the construction and the stuff come into fruition and to some completion,” said Bryan Johnson, principal at High Point Central.

This is all part of the more than $450 million school construction bonds passed in 2008 to help out with schools like Central.

Now the school is focusing their attention on more work that needs to be done.

“On the other side of the building we are building a new stair tower. Then there are some areas in the building that we are putting in new flooring. We have to put in a new ramp for our ADA access. The fire protection system will be anywhere from 18-24 months to complete. So we got another couple of years that we will be out here,” Monk said.

The balance between construction and school work has been a juggling act, but something that hasn’t been a problem so far.

“I think that it will go smooth, but that is due to the students and the teachers being flexible,” Johnson said.

It’s expected to take another couple of years to get the school up to fire code.

However, the media center, cafeteria and new floors will all be ready by the time school starts back.