Exact fair ride that killed 1, injured 7 in Ohio was just in North Carolina on Memorial Day weekend

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Fire Ball ride at Ohio State Fair (Youtube: Justin Bellinger)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The exact ride that killed one person and injured seven others at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday was in North Carolina two months ago.

WCNC reported that the “Fire Ball” ride was at the Carolina Fair at The Park Expo in Charlotte over the Memorial Day weekend.

A video posted online appears to show several people on the Fire Ball seconds before parts of the structure, including a full row of seats, split up and fell.

But the Ohio State Fire ride had passed multiple inspections before the deadly incident, according to CNN.

The ride has at least six rows of seats that spin around in the air as the entire structure moves like a pendulum. It broke apart while it was in motion on Wednesday.

The investigation is in its early stages, but several officials left open the possibility that the collapse was an accident with no clear blame.

“It’s important to remember that amusement rides are mechanized pieces of equipment,” said Ohio Department of Agriculture Director David Daniels. “They can fail from time to time.”

Gov. John Kasich said the situation was a “nightmare,” but noted that “accidents happen.”

“You can inspect, and you can reinspect, and you can in this case have a third party inspect,” Kasich said. “But if you’re looking for guarantees in life, they don’t exist. You just make sure that the risk you take on is something that you balance against the activity you want to engage in.”