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Video shows man accused of killing 5 people attacking jail guards during escape attempt

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ESPAÑOLA, N.M. -- Newly-released jail video show a homicide suspect shutting a guard into his cell and then attacking another guard with a flashlight.

Police tell KOAT the inmate has already tried to escape and got into a fight with guards.

Damian Herrera, who is accused of killing five people in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, last month, shut a jail guard into his cell and that was just the beginning of his second attempt to escape.

"He told one of the guards that was on duty that his toilet wasn't working. So the guard went ahead and opened the door to check the toilet. When he went in to check the toilet, Mr. Herrera locked him into the cell," Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan told KOAT.

Herrera immediately went to the guard station and grabbed a large flashlight from under the desk.

He heard another guard coming and hid behind a wall.

"As the guard passed the corner of the wall, [Herrera] struck him with a flashlight and then a fight ensued. So they had a wrestling match going around in the booking area," Lujan said.

The guard tried to tase Herrera but it didn't work. More guards ran in to help and they eventually got control of Herrera.

Lujan said jail employees did their jobs by keeping Herrera in the jail, but thinks a different facility might be better.

"I think it would be better for all of our detention facility personnel, for the public up in Terra Amarilla, and the county of Rio Arriba, if we went ahead and had him transferred out," Lujan said.

Lujan said Herrera could be moved to the state prison in Santa Fe by the end of the week.