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High Point community gathers, discusses solutions to violence

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- After two shootings in one week, a city is searching for answers.

A group in High Point, made up of NAACP members and other community advocates, continued its monthly meetings Thursday night to brainstorm ways to stop violence in the community.

People packed the gym at the Carl Chavis YMCA, bouncing ideas off of each other, hoping something will stick.

Valerie Rory has lived in High Point for 50 years and said while she's never seen so much gun violence in her community, she's done asking why -- now, she's ready to find a solution.

"It’s like they are living so much in the world today, when they need to be into God," Rory explained. "There's a worldly life, then there's a Godly life and you have to make choices, and they’re making bad choices."

Suggestions ranged from hitting the streets together with signs that read "stop killing us," to simply hugging and kissing each other.

"I love you and I love your young child," one audience member said. "Come to [my neighborhood] and I'm going to keep my eyes on them."