Piedmont woman celebrates turning 50 through gift card giveaway on Facebook

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Selenea Barker enjoys receiving gifts, but thoroughly enjoys giving them as well.

“I love seeing people happy. I love to give gifts,” she said.

Barker is celebrating a milestone birthday on July 27.

“I’m kind of already 50 because I’ve been enjoying it since July 1, so I’ve been claiming 50 since July 1,” she said.

Turning 50 is significant for Barker.

This year, three family members suffered heart attacks and that forced her to evaluate her own life and health.

“After all these sicknesses and illnesses, I said ‘That’s it. I’m going to enjoy life.'”

Barker decided that she wanted to celebrate her birthday by performing acts of kindness that involved her Facebook friends.

Beginning the second week of July, she put the names of her Facebook friends into a drawing to win $10 gift cards.

Barker would announce the names of the winners on her page and would either give the gift cards to the winners directly or mail them.

Each of the cards were purchased with her own money.

A total of 12 gift cards will be given away through July 27.

“Some people call it karma. No, I don’t call it karma. I call it the law of reciprocity. You reap what you sow, you get what you give, and just enjoy yourself in this life because you only go around one time.”

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