Neighbors say ‘squatters’ are staying in abandoned former multimillion-dollar Greensboro home

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The proof is in the picture, at least for Corinne Nussbaum.

A fellow neighbor snapped a photo of a man walking through an open window of an abandoned house on Sunset Drive and he isn't the only one residents have seen. Others told FOX8 they've seen a man and dog there for days at a time, even taking the trash out and parking a truck in the driveway.

"It's really sad that such a beautiful home has turned into this, shutters are coming off and paint inside has been peeled and it's demolished, honestly," Nussbaum said.

Nussbaum and her neighbors want to know who owns the house and why it's been left in a state of disrepair.

We went to check it out Tuesday, and found a door and several windows wide-open, along with an abandonment notice on the front door from Wells Fargo, dated July 18.

A representative with the bank said she would start a work order and send someone out to check on the security of the home, and added that the home is still owned by the last couple to live there. She would not confirm if the home was in the foreclosure process, however, information obtained by FOX8 shows the house was scheduled for public auction Tuesday.

It's unclear if anyone bought the house during the auction, but Nussbaum said even the possibility gives her hope.

"I want this house to be brought back to where it was, I want squatters out of this house, maybe even boarded up until whoever ends up buying this can take care of it."