11-foot python captured at NC storage facility

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PITTSBORO, N.C. — Animal control officers were able to capture a massive 11-foot Burmese python on the loose at a North Carolina storage facility.

Chatham County Animal Service Officers Kelly Rouse and Kelsey Pepper received the call and a picture of the snake on Saturday, WRAL reports.

They found the snake inside the Pittsboro storage facility, wrapped around an air conditioning unit.

After seeing how large it was, the duo came up with a plan.

“She was going to take the head of it and then I was going to take the rest of the weight,” Rouse said. “She held it so that I can get around to the backside of it, and start moving it around.”

Luckily, the serpent was relatively docile and the officers were able to rescue it with very little resistance. They secured it in a plastic bin.

The python will eventually be put up for adoption.