10-year-old girl attacked by fish at lake; dad vows to ‘get’ fish, ‘hang it on my wall’

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DULUTH, Minn. -- A girl is recovering after being attacked by what is believed to be a large fish on a Minnesota lake, KBJR reports.

"It was just a big bam," is how 10-year-old Maren Kesselhon described the feeling on Wednesday afternoon at Island Lake.

Maren was being pulled along on a paddle board by a boat driven by her dad. While on the paddle board she decided to jump in the lake to cool off.

"I felt movement in the water and then I felt my whole foot in its mouth," said Maren.

Maren got out of the water to find gashes on her foot and leg. She was taken to the emergency room at St. Mary's Essentia Hospital where she had to be treated for 25 bites. Maren had to be sedated before receiving nine stitches. Doctors also had to repair a tendon.

Ryan Kesselhon, Maren's father, said at first they thought it could have been an otter that attacked the girl. But later they found out it was a fish -- possibly a muskie.

"The doctor's examination of the cuts, they was so clean, so many, all in the same direction, it had to be a big fish," Ryan said.

Maren says she plans to relax for the rest of the summer and heal up. Her dad has other plans.

"I will get it. I will find it and hang it on my wall when it's all done," Ryan said.