Greensboro neighborhood watch group seeing drop in home break-ins

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Every morning around 4 a.m., Sid Evans goes on patrol.

"I'm looking at the cars in the driveway,” he said. “Cars on the street especially."

Evans isn't a police officer but an average citizen concerned about the safety of his community.

“Everybody wants a safe neighborhood no matter who you are,” Evans said.

He's president of Benbow Park Neighborhood Association.

For the past year, he and two other men from the group have been working in shifts.

“It's two guys at night and me in the morning,” he said.

They patrol the area for about three minutes every day, looking for anything that looks a little off or unusual for the neighborhood.

“It's always better to check it out than not do anything,” Evans said.

They came up with the idea in 2014 when the neighborhood saw a spike in home break-ins.

Evans says they decided to do something after his 90-year-old neighbor was robbed in his home.

“They came into his house with a gun,” he said.

But since the patrols started, the number of break-ins seem to have dropped.

According to data from Greensboro police, there were three break-ins in Benbow Park in 2015 and in 2016.

But this year, there've been none.

"It's critical to your neighborhood to get involved," Evans said.

Neighbors like Dr. Adrienne Sabir doesn't go on patrols but keeps her eyes open.

"I'm what is called a ‘street captain,’” Sabir said.

Sabir lives on Eton Drive and reports what she sees.

She says that plus the patrols have made a big difference.

“When you're really concerned about the wellness and welfare of your community then you'll find people becoming more active," Sabir said.

"We need to take our community back," Evans said.