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Mobile Meals volunteers check on seniors during hot weather

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The Mobile Meals program serves more than 420 senior clients in Guilford County.

For many of the seniors, the visit may be the only face to face interaction they have with a another person .

Volunteer Coordinator James Joyce explains how vital volunteers are to the overall welfare of the community’s more vulnerable citizens.

“ The volunteer is not only delivering the food , which is very important  the volunteer is also providing socialization and a wellness check,” Joyce said. “Senior are especially susceptible in extremes of temperature, very cold weather or very hot weather, so we want to be able to check on them daily to make sure they're going to be OK.”

Each of the volunteers have the clients' phone numbers. If there is a concern, they will get in touch with the client's emergency contact.

Dale and Lucille Bennett have been volunteering with the program for approximately 40 years.

As seniors themselves, serving their peers is a way they keep active.

“When you do it like we do so often you know the habits of that person. OK, the blinds not open today, the door’s not open today and then you know maybe something is wrong,” Lucille said.

The Bennetts recalled a visit when they had to call 911.

“We had another man, that one was real desperate, where we had to get him up off the floor so we could get the door open."

Both senior clients survived because of quick action.

Initially seen as a form of community service, the Bennetts admit the bonds made are rewarding for them as well.

Senior Resources of Guilford is always in need of volunteers to assist the community.

Family members or those who would like to see if they qualify for the program should call the hotline at (336) 884-6981 for a case worker evaluation.

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