Triad homeless shelters see resources dry up as heat sets in

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When it's hot outside, the homeless have few places to turn, but Open Door Ministries in High Point is one of them.

The shelter serves three meals a day and gives people a place to sleep at night, year-round -- but, since the summer heat has arrived, staff says they're running low on food and water.

“Unfortunately, this is just one of those situations where you never have enough," Operations Manager Kathy Edwards said.

She explained donations are coming in, but demand is higher than usual. The shelter is seeing at least 75 more people a day on average.

Inside the food pantry, they have one case of bottled water left -- a resource that's crucial for clients. During the day, the shelter has to shut its doors between lunch and dinner so staff can clean. During the hottest hours of the day, a bottle of water received at the shelter is oftentimes the only water a person will get all day.

The heat means similar issues for Crisis Ministries in Lexington.

Staff said the food pantry is fine, but they can always use more bottled water.

"With the temperatures like they've been, a lot of our folks do like to go out to try to find jobs, try to do different things during the day, and a lot of places water isn’t available, so they like to take a bottle of water with them," Night Manager Gene Ingram said.

You can visit the website for Open Door Ministries here.

You can call Crisis Ministries at (336) 248-5930.

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