Greensboro Urban Loop project speeds up, could be finished more than a year early

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Planning for the Greensboro Urban Loop started about two decades ago. The project, connecting interstates through Greensboro, was expected to be complete in 2022. Now, it could be finished more than a year early.

Mike Mills is the NCDOT division 7 engineer. He says the department has more than $2 billion extra to spend, thanks things like gas taxes and taxes from more people buying cars.

He says DOT plan to use that money to give contractors incentives.

“If you get this section of the loop done sooner, then we will give you X amount of additional dollars per day to get it done sooner,” Mills said.

There are four phases of the loop project left to complete. Three are currently under construction.

Mills says the fourth and final phase is between Lawndale Avenue and U.S. 29. He expects DOT to start accepting bids for that project in July 2018, about a year earlier than expected.

Erik Bell lives on Cotswold Terrace, west of Old Battleground Road. He’s happy to hear the construction phase near his home could potentially be finished by the end of the year.

“It's taking a very long time to get this whole thing done,” Bell said.

He’s also happy to hear the entire project could be done more than a year early.

“It will be a lot more convenient once it is completed,” Bell said.

The DOT says this will not only be convenient for drivers, but also good for businesses.

Greensboro Day School is located near the project on Lawndale Avenue. School administrators told FOX8 that they are keeping an eye out on how this could change traffic in the area. Depending on that, they are even considering changing the entrance of the school.