Officers patrolling on water, encouraging boat safety this 4th of July weekend

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A DWI checkpoint on the Forsyth and Guilford County line Friday night took six drunk drivers off the road.

This holiday weekend, law enforcement agencies are not only upping their efforts in the streets, they’re also keeping an eye out on the water.

“We are basically like highway patrol on the water,” said Officer Branden Jones, with North Carolina Wildlife.

Officer Jones says four people will patrol High Rock Lake everyday through the holiday. More officers will be brought in on Monday for fireworks on the lake.

“With our routine patrol, our presence on the water, we hope to prevent any boat incidents this weekend,” Officer Jones said.

He says they are making sure boaters are keeping their distance, kids under 13 are wearing a life vest, and boat operators are sober, among many other things.

“We want to make sure everybody has a fun and enjoyable time and enjoy the lake, but also be able to make it back home.” Officer Jones said.

He’s encouraging people to think twice.

“Make the right decision this holiday weekend,” Officer Jones said.

Officer Jones says boating and driving is like drinking and driving. If you seriously hurt someone or kill someone, it is a felony.