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Woman dies 2 years after being set on fire by ex-boyfriend

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio woman who was set on fire by her ex-boyfriend nearly two years ago has died.

Judy Malinowski was doused in gasoline and set on fire by Michael Slager. He pleaded guilty to aggravated arson in December and received 11 years in prison.

Malinowski died Tuesday morning, according to WBNS. She was a former beauty queen, daughter, sister, and mother.

From her hospital bed last year, Malinowski advised others in an abusive relationship to get help. Her story inspired a bill in Ohio to create tougher prison sentences for attacks that permanently disfigure or disable victims.

Aided by technology to help her speak and amplify her voice, Judy pushed for the law to help victims of domestic violence.

"It's destroyed my life, my family's life, my kids' life," Malinowski said. "Everyone around us life. And the laws of justice are just not fair."

Last week, her voice finally gave out.

The Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee passed Judy’s Law Tuesday morning. The law passed the Ohio House of Representatives in May.

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