4-year-old back home after being hit by truck; High Point police actively searching for driver

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Lalisa Drawthorn will never forget the moment after a truck hit her son outside her High Point home.

“It was a mother's worst nightmare,” she said. “When you're sitting there holding your child's limp body. Not knowing if they're gonna make it. Not knowing what to do.”

It was a scary moment for the whole family. Drawthorn’s brother, Malcolm Adams, was watching the kids play outside. Four-year-old Matthew Drawthorn was riding his bike without a helmet.

“I seen the truck coming up the street and I was yelling for him to stop, but he never stopped,” Adams said. “It takes a cold person to do something like that. It makes you wonder like what would you do if it was your child?”

“To think someone could just drive away like that,” Drawthorn said. “He's a child. Children are innocent. They have no fear until someone puts fear in him.”

Police believe Brendan Lamar Johnson is the man responsible. He’s already on Crimestoppers most wanted for a previous breaking and entering charge. They are actively searching for him and encourage the public to come forward with anonymous tips.

Drawthorn worried the injuries to her son may go beyond skin deep.

“Today he said, 'Mommy I don't want to ride my bike anymore,'” she said. “That hurt me. My baby, that's his favorite thing to do, he likes to get out, ride his bike.”

Matthew was doing a lot better Wednesday, after two days at Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem. He has cuts and scraped on his knees and face, with minor bleeding in the brain.

Drawthorn says it was a wake-up call for the whole family about bicycle safety and always wearing a helmet.

“My baby needs to have on his helmet, whenever he wants to ride his bike again,” she said.

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