Redstone Arsenal officials say no shooter, no casualties from reported emergency incident

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — After reports of an active shooter Tuesday morning, Redstone Arsenal went into lockdown for several hours.

Officials have now confirmed there was no active shooter event, and there are no casualties, WHNT reports. The initial alert came from 911 calls that officials say did not result in them actually finding a shooter or evidence of shots fired.

There were reports of a shooter at Building 5301 — the Aviation and Missile Command building — at the post’s Sparkman Center, Army spokeswoman Kim Hanson said.

About Redstone Arsenal

Redstone Arsenal is home to the Army’s Material Command and its Aviation and Missile Command.

Redstone has been the center of the Army’s missile and rocket programs since the 1950s when it became the home for the contingent of German rocket scientists who surrendered to American forces at the end of World War II.

Civilian rocket research was moved to NASA’s neighboring Marshall Space Flight Center in 1960.