Mom who let snake bite 1-year-old daughter won’t face charges

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SEBRING, Fla. -- The Florida mother who intentionally let a snake bite her 1-year-old daughter and then posted a video of it on her Facebook page will not face charges.

The woman, who has not been identified, found the snake in her driveway earlier this month. The video showed the red rat snake biting the child on the hand. She later deleted the video.

On Tuesday, prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, according to FOX13.

"Our Special Victims Unit interviewed snake expert Greg Graziani, who also has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, about the video," said Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman. "Graziani said he had shared the video with a colleague from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and while both felt that the treatment of the snake and the child were not wise, they did not see any criminal actions.”

The woman said in an interview with WFTS that she has no regrets about the "introduction." She says it’s important to teach her kids how to handle wildlife and what they need to avoid.