Mayor of Madison to declare state of emergency after downtown floods second time

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MADISON, N.C. – The mayor of Madison is speaking out after flood water damaged businesses downtown for the second time in less than three weeks.

Some businesses say this was even worse than last time.

Danny Smith’s store Flynn Furniture and Carpet Company flooded on May 31st. Smith said he got a call last night about water building up near his business on Murphy Street.

“Oh no here we go again,” Smith said. “It was even bigger than it was last time. Up to the windows about 10 inches.”

Smith said his store had about $10,000 worth of damage when it first flooded. The damage this time is expected to be even worse, an expense he must pay out of pocket.

“We got to get something done, we can't go back and do this again,” Smith said.

Some business owners say the rain comes down so fast and so forcefully, that it picks up debris and then clogs the drains.

The Town of Madison Mayor, David Myers, says he is going to declare a state of emergency.

“We need to fix the streets,” Myers said. “This is unfortunate the first time, it's a disaster the second time.”

He’s hoping to get money to not only fix the drainage system, but also assist the businesses hurt.

“With 1,100 actual taxpayers, you can't do long term repairs,” Myers said.

He thinks the town needs a long-term solution to the drainage system. Until they figure out what exactly they can do, Myers said he purchased sand bags to help secure businesses during any upcoming storms.