Local man spots black bear outside his home

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PFAFFTOWN, N.C. – Pfafftown resident Mike Mabe was walking through his backyard one day when he noticed something a little odd.

A couple weeks ago, there was a suspicious unearthing of this drain pipe, this was buried and now it is on top of the ground with tears marks.

“We knew it must have been a big animal,” he said.

Mabe, who was eager to find out who or what dug up his drain pipe, decided to check his secret camera set up in this wooded area behind his property.

He enjoys sharing pictures of the animals that visit his backyard with his friends and family on social media.

“Once a week, I come down and get the camera card and put it on the computer and look at the pics that have been taken,” he said. “I choose some of the pictures of deer, animals and put the two or three best pictures on Facebook.”

It was no ordinary animal this time. On Wednesday, he captured two photos of a black bear.

Mabe then shared the images on Facebook to show off the furry giant that came to visit.

He lives off of Silver Springs Road in Pfafftown. Seeing the large animal in his community has caused him to worry. Not for his own safety, but for the bears.

“I hope the bear is going to be okay with all this publicity, I heard that there are bears being sighted throughout the county,” he said. “I invite these bears and us to coexist, if he wants to live here in this thicket, I have no problem with it.”

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