Guilford County students walk to raise awareness of water for children in third world countries

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Students at Northeast Guilford Middle School are walking a 5K to raise money for children in Ethiopia.

"They don't have a house like us. They don't have buildings like us. They don't even have water like us," said sixth-grade student Brandon Gonzales. "That's why we're doing this, to support them."

The walk is a culmination of a year's worth of activities to raise awareness of life for children their age who live in third world countries.

Carrying gallows on water, the students are raising money through pledges made by friends and money.

"It is a very good feeling, especially when they make those connections to other people," said teacher Renee Long. "And they want to help other people. And that's ultimately what we want to do as teachers, is we want those kids to be able to go outside of the school building and be great people."

The students say they have learned a lot this year and they want others to know they are blessed.