Survivor of High Point triple stabbing that killed mother, pregnant daughter speaks out

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TRINITY, N.C. -- The man who survived a triple stabbing in High Point is speaking out. Robert Seay says he was stabbed twice, in his back and through his arm, Tuesday night outside of Bizzy Bee Gas and Grocery.

“I'm doing all right,” Seay said. “It's hard but I'm doing all right.”

High Point police have charged Andrew Allen with his attempted murder and two counts of murder for allegedly stabbing and killing his estranged wife, Vickie Allen, and pregnant daughter, Andrea Allen.

Seay says he was with the two ladies when the stabbing occurred, but says he doesn't know why Allen would have done something like this.

“I wouldn't be able to guess on that,” Seay said.

Seay says he’s know Andrew Allen most of his life. They were co-workers and even worked together that day.

“I've known AJ since he was a kid and I've known the whole family since they got together,” Seay said.

Surveillance footage from that night shows an argument happening at the gas station before the stabbing. Seay would not give us the details on how everything occurred because he said the police investigation is ongoing.

Seay says he is still processing the death of the two women. He also says he has had nightmares. Now, he’s relying on the court system to decide how his old friend will be punished for his scarring.

“I know what needs to happen,” Seay said. “I don't know how to answer that, that will be up to the court system. I’m sure they'll do their due.”

Seay says he did learn that night from an officer that Andrea was pregnant.

Capt. Mike Kirk, with the High Point Police Department, said that could mean there will be additional charges against Allen.

A vigil will be held for the women killed at Bizzy Bee Gas & Grocery Friday at 8 p.m.