Splash pad brings families back to Washington Park in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- The playful screams from children have returned to Washington Park in Lexington. It's a sound Lexington Parks and Recreation Director Laura Duran loves to hear.

"It's been incredible since the day it opened," Duran said. "It's been so busy here. It's wonderful to see people coming out and enjoying the facility."

Lexington Parks and Recreation recently opened the brand new splash pad at Washington Park. Little kids with their grandparents or parents like Devin Kelly are racing from one water feature to another.

"Whoever invented it, it’s a good invention," Kelly said. "They have different types of sprinklers to play in.”

Before there wasn't much to do at Washington Park. The splash pad is replacing a 1950s era pool that was expensive to keep and finally closed in 2014.

"It was emotional to leave the pool," Duran said. "But I think we put something here the community is enjoying."

And when Duran says community, she means the entire Piedmont. Laurie Williams and her grandchild are from Clemmons.

"I saw the pictures of it," Williams said. "I was like wow! That looks really awesome."

Lexington Parks and Recreation also built a new playground, walking trail, basketball courts and picnic shelters. That's why local parents like Kelly keep bringing their children back.

"About every other day, maybe every day they come out here and get in the water," Kelly said. "It’s the first thing they say when they wake up. They want to go to the splash pad.”

Even Laurie Williams is ready to make the drive from Clemmons so her grandchild can enjoy Lexington's Washington Park.

"It's a really nice park," Williams said. "First time here and we will be back."

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