North Davidson softball wins state championship for coach battling cancer

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- On Saturday, the North Davidson High School softball team won the state championship. But the thing that everyone's talking about is the "story behind the story."

The team wanted to win it for their head coach Mike Lambros, who is in a battle for his life.

Lambros never wanted it to be about himself and his battle with stage-four pancreatic cancer, but the guy who has led the North Davidson softball program for 38 years didn't have a vote. His team, fellow coaches, fans and entire Black Knights community wanted to win this state championship for him.

The Black Knights won the first game of the best-of-three series the night before, so a victory over Cape Fear and North Davidson would capture their second softball state title. The other came back in 2010 when they were also named national champions by USA Today.

After the win, the team quickly changed into their special Lambros purple uniforms to honor their coach.

This experience was great medicine for Lambros, but you know it must have been draining too, especially after what must have felt like 1,000 pictures and hugs after the game. But with Lambros, you'll only get smiles and thanks.