How College Students Can Benefit from Partial Hospitalization

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Early adulthood can be a stressful time of transition, as young people start adjusting to living at school or on their own for the first time. Dealing with a new environment, school stresses, and changes in romantic relationships can be hard adjustments to make and overcome all at once, especially away from home. When individuals experience trouble adjusting to these stressors, it can manifest itself in anxiety, depression and, at the extreme, suicide ideation. For those individuals who are struggling with intense feelings of anxiety or depression during this time, Cone Health Behavioral Health has created a program to help them be successful.

In Greensboro, young adults from ages 18 to 26 can utilize the partial hospitalization program, which is an outpatient treatment option that helps teach patients the skills they need to get well and stay well. The partial hospitalization program is designed to help individuals avoid hospitalization for mental illness or act as a stepping stone to help them return to the community after inpatient treatment. During this time, patients participate in a group setting of about six members, to learn to identify coping skills, healthy thinking and calming techniques to help manage emotions. They can also participate in meditation, relaxation or exercise classes. The Cone Health team will also set up a meeting with immediate family members to understand the family dynamic and how their anxiety or depression is affecting their relationships with each other.

If you notice your feelings or ability to handle life’s difficulties changing, or if you notice a loved one acting differently, start talking. Something as simple as having a discussion about mental and behavioral health can start to bring relief, and can lead to finding help faster. It’s important to remember that it’s not uncommon to experience some form of mental illness and that you aren’t defined by your condition. These conditions are treatable, but it’s best to start treatment as early as possible. The partial hospitalization program is great for individuals that fall between needing inpatient treatment and waiting for appointments with a specialist. To find out if this program is right for you, call 336-832-9800 and schedule a time to talk a specialist.

At Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital, our team of highly skilled psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, counselors, social workers, nurses and therapists work to ensure each patient’s recovery from a wide range of life’s difficulties. Our staff is committed to providing each patient with confidential care that fits his or her specific lifestyle.

Spokesperson Background:

Dr. Fernando Cobos is a psychiatrist at Cone Health’s Behavioral Health Hospital and Partial Hospitalization Program. Dr. Cobos completed medical school at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. He completed his residency at Beth Israel Medical Center and his fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Cobos also served in the Army Reserves.