Park officials working to make Keeley Park more duck-friendly

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Tuesday afternoon's heavy rain didn't stop volunteers and Greensboro Park and Recreation employees from gathering at Keeley Park.

"This is perfect duck weather," Arts and Events Superintendent Josh Sherrick said. "I sent a message to the group to see if they want to do it and they said if it's good enough for the ducks, then it's good enough for us."

So together with volunteers from Syngenta and craftsman from Forge Greensboro, the group is celebrating their achievement.

"We would love to see ways we can do other things," Forge Greensboro Executive Director Joe Rotondi said. "Maybe we don't stop with duck boxes or we make more duck boxes. Fun ways to explore community involvement."

Park officials want to make Keeley Park more duck-friendly. That's why they partnered with Syngenta and Forge Greensboro to make five duck boxes.

Wood ducks live in the Piedmont year round. While they prefer to live in hollowed trees, Environmental Educator Michael Romano says the duck boxes will do just fine.

"Now that the boxes are here, we may have them move in this year and next year, lots of wood ducks," Romano said.

Building the five duck boxes were inexpensive because Syngenta volunteer Robert Wurz donated the wood that was harvested from his land.

"It’s been aging and air drying," Wurz said. "I’ve been looking for an opportunity to use it in a way that would be giving back to the community.”

The five wood duck boxes will be placed around the three lakes at Keeley Park. Wurz says he can't wait for the wood ducks to move into Keeley Park.

"We've never been to Keeley Park before," Wurz said. "It's such a beautiful park and we would love to come back and see ducks living in the boxes and get pictures of it."

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