Elon professor working to improve legal education

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- There are things in life that we often think aren’t part of our universe, even though they are.

“I think law affects all of us, whether you're in law school or not,” Elon University law professor Steve Friedland said.

Freidland worked as a lawyer but has found even more renown as a teacher of it and it’s in the teaching of the law that Friedland is leading a revolution.

“Yes, I think we're doing it in a way that is different than what I see in other schools,” Friedland said. “We have students who want to be here because they like this model.”

This model is one that is taking the latest discoveries from both schools of education and brain science to make legal education far better. And the number one thing Friedland sees that needs to be corrected is getting students out of the classroom.

“Many law students graduate without having experienced the real world,” he said. Not at Elon – at least, not anymore.

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