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120,000 bees, massive honeycomb found in woman’s ceiling

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DECATUR, Ga. — As more than 100,000 bees swarmed in her ceiling, Lisa Ohrmundt never heard a buzz — that is until a beekeeper pulled down the sheetrock and exposed 120,000 bees and a 6-foot-long bee hive.

Several months ago, Ohrmundt heard buzzing coming from the side of her home, CBS News reports. Figuring it was nothing, she called her friend, who happened to be a beekeeper.

When he got there, they encountered several hundred bees and were unsuccessfully able to lead them away from her house.

That’s when they realized there was likely a larger problem.

Using a heat sensor, the beekeeper found a hive inside the home. The hive was believed to have been there for two to three years.

“You can hear it as he is pulling the sheetrock down like a buzz and then all of a sudden these bees just fall out into the room and they start flying all around the room,” Ohrmundt told Fox 5.

For the next six hours, Georgia Bee Removal employee Bobby Chaisson used a vacuum to suck them into large containers. He was stung 10 to 15 times in the process.

See the video below:

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