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Mom hears son’s heartbeat inside transplant patient

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OMAHA, Neb. — Anna Hutt and Gary Flint had been talking through email, but never actually met in person.

The two hugged each other inside Durham Research Center in Nebraska on Sunday.

Flint, a heart transplant patient, is the keeper of Hutt’s son Payton’s heart.

“When you start feeling your heart when you’re by yourself and thinking this is not mine, it’s a head trip,” said Flint.

Payton died in a dirt bike accident three years ago, at the young age of 16.

On Mother’s Day, Hutt got a special gift. She was able to hear her son’s heartbeat, now coming from inside someone else.

“[Payton] just had a big heart, and he would do anything for anyone,” said Hutt. “You can’t give somebody a better gift than what he did, and I’m really grateful that it was Gary who got his heart.”

“Payton had an accident and after I came in the hospital I got my heart in six days,” said Flint. He received Payton’s heart in May 2014.

“It’s like we’re twins in our souls. so, he will live on forever with me,” said Flint.

“My son actually taught me something at a young age,” said Hutt. “He taught me that the gift of life is something special.”

Hospital officials say Payton’s decision to donate his organs saved seven lives, including Flint’s.

Flint now tells people he has two birthdays: one in February, and another in May when he received Payton’s heart.

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