Man wanted in attempted kidnapping of woman in Mebane

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MEBANE, N.C. -- A Mebane woman escaped an attempted abduction in broad daylight after he dog bit her attacker, according to the Alamance County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement says this situation can happen anywhere to anyone, but there are several ways you can protect yourself and your family if this happens to you.

A quiet neighborhood in Mebane was interrupted Sunday evening, when sheriff's officials say a man pulled up to the dead end on Forest Oaks Lane, got out of his car and attacked a woman. Police say she's in her 50s, has a disability and was walking her dog at the time.

"Came back by her. Came to a stop. The driver opened the door and grabbed her and attempted to pull her in to the vehicle," said Randy Jones, the sheriff's office director of public information.

The victim fought back and so did her dog.

"He began to defend his owner," Jones said. "Barking, snapping at the individual."

The dog bit the suspect's arm, giving the victim time to pull away. The suspect jumped back into his car and drove off.

"It was very frightening for her, there's no question about that, and this is not a high-crime area," Jones said.

The neighborhood is right off of Interstate 40, with easy access to an escape route. Sheriff's officials don't know where the suspect went.

"You're extremely close to the Orange County line, so you can be out of the county in short order," Jones said.

They also don't know if the victim was randomly attacked or targeted.

"I'm sure that's running through her mind, has she been surveilled? Any number of things," Jones said.

Jones says this situation can happen to anyone, even in broad daylight, in your own neighborhood. He says you can't always predict an attack, but you can protect yourself.

He suggests making a lot of noise, always being aware of your surroundings and knowing a possible escape route.

If you're faced with a similar confrontation, Jones says, "Fight back with everything you've got."

And avoid being pulled into a vehicle at all costs.

"When they're taken into a vehicle, they often do not survive those type of assaults," Jones said. "Compliance is not the thing to do."

When going on a walk, Jones also suggests bringing a flash light if it's dark. Have your cellphone set to automatically dial 911 at the press of a button versus having to type it in. He also suggests turning on your location services too and sharing your location at all times with a loved one.

Sheriff's officials say the suspect was driving a silver car with tinted windows. The victim thinks it may have been a Honda or a similar vehicle. She also said it was especially clean and looked like it had been "recently detailed."

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