Bear locks himself in car, honks horn awakening owners

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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. — Curiosity got the best of a 200-pound bear who found itself locked inside a car Thursday while trying to find an early morning snack.

Virginia police responded to the call around 5 a.m. after the bear honked the car’s horn and woke the homeowners up.

The Roanoke County, Virginia Police Department posted about the incident on Facebook Thursday afternoon.

The post read, “Our officers never know what they may encounter when on the job! Officer Thayer responded to a call at 5:00 this morning that involved a 200-lb black bear that managed to open the door of a vehicle, lock himself inside and honk the horn, rousing the homeowners.”

The car window was not broken and that police believe the bear somehow opened on its own, WDBJ reports.

Luckily, the baby bear caused minor damage to the vehicle and was able to find some treats before making its way out back into the woods.

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