Babysitter accused of slamming toddler’s head against wall to ‘discipline’ her

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BROWNSVILLE, Calif. -- A California teenager is accused of sending a toddler to the hospital with serious injuries.

After Gia Faye's 16-year-old babysitter called 911, medical personnel discovered the unconscious toddler with suspicious injuries, KTXL reports.

Yuba County sheriff's deputies were then called to the home. There, they arrested the 16-year-old on suspicion of felony child abuse as well as an outstanding warrant out of Sacramento County.

The teen was looking after the toddler and three other children ranging in age from infancy to 5 years old.

When the babysitter was initially interviewed, he said that Gia's head injury was the result of him "attempting to discipline" the girl, according to KTXL.

"He has confessed to slamming her against the wall for allegedly sneaking candy and there was a significant time laps [sic] from when he called me and I called 911 to when he called 911," Gia's mother, Jessica Lamar, wrote on GoFundMe. "My 5 year old saw and said he was stricking [sic] her with a towel tryin [sic] to wake her up."

Lamar said she forgives the teen, who has been booked into juvenile hall. She says he has always been good with her kids and was a good kid himself who just happened to make a big mistake.

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