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Alleged video shows 8-year-old boy being viciously bullied at school days before suicide

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CINCINNATI -- An Ohio mother says there is video proof her 8-year-old son was bullied at school days before he committed suicide, WLWT reports.

On Jan. 26, Gabe Taye killed himself. Attorneys say video from Carson Elementary School shows the boy being bullied inside the boys' bathroom two days before he died.

"A boy is in the bathroom punching and threatening and assaulting other children, and the son of my client walks in, he actually attempts to shake the assailant's hand, and the assailant pulled him forward and slammed him into the wall, and he is knocked unconscious for seven and a half minutes," said attorney Jennifer Branch.

In January, administrators at the school said there was no evidence of bullying.

Branch said Gabe lost consciousness in the bathroom incident and a school official told Gabe's mom that her son fainted.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the school system has decided to release the security video and someone is working to blur the faces of children.

"There is concern that there was more violence going on in that school," Branch told WLWT. "There was more bullying than mom ever knew, was ever told, and as we learn things, it's been hard to share them with her because her response is, 'If I had only known.'"