Man dies in freak fire hydrant accident on his 89th birthday

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VIRA, Fla. -- An 89-year-old Florida man died Wednesday after he crashed into a fire hydrant and fell into a hole flooded with water, WESH reports.

The driver, Robert Dreyer, veered off the road and hit the hydrant. When he stepped out of the car, the ground crumbled and water from the hydrant began shooting out. Dreyer then fell into a 5-foot hole formed by the force of the crash and the rushing water.

"The water pressure was so strong that it sucked him in and pulled him into the hole," witness Pedro Rodriquez said.

Another witness, Edward Cunningham, tried to pull him out.

“It was pushing me out of the hole, and I weigh 220 pounds."

Dreyer was taken to the hospital where he later died.

It was Dreyer's 89th birthday.

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