Donated land could be used for dog park in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- The Lexington City Council approved a private donation of land that could possibly be the location for a dog park.

The five and a half acres sit beside Childer's Park near West Center Street Extension.

City Manger Alan Carson said the land is from a developer that would otherwise be unused.

"Do they want to donate the money and let the city bid it out and build it or do they want to build it and then we maintain it? How that's going to work? We're not there yet," Carson said.

Bruce Kingsbury with the Davidson County Humane Society said the location would be perfect for the community.

The plans are still in the early stages but Kingsbury would like to see an agility course with a dog fountain. The humane society is relying on the public for input and donations for funding.

"The next step is probably getting with the planning board and seeing what their projections are going to be, what they would like to do in setting aside the boundaries for the dog park. We really would like the community to start donating and helping as much as we possibly can," Kingsbury said.