Woman says ‘The Mummy Returns’ inspired her to stab father to death

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PLUM, Pa. -- A 27-year-old Pennsylvania woman allegedly stabbed her father to death after being inspired by the movie "The Mummy Returns."

Christina Nicassio, 27, told police she had suffered a bad break-up and "felt the world was ending," WPXI reports. When her parents tried to take her to a local hospital for help, she grabbed a knife.

Her father, 69-year-old Dr. Anthony Nicassio, then tried to take the knife from her and she stabbed him twice in the chest -- killing him.

"They were trying to take me to the hospital to find out what is wrong with me, I didn't want to go," she told police.

The 27-year-old former University of Pittsburgh soccer player told police she “got played by Hollywood,” referring to a movie scene in which someone stabbed their father because they were unable to “love someone else.”

When asked what movie that was, she said: "The Mummy Returns."

She is in jail on charges criminal homicide and possessing an instrument of crime.

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