Greensboro police officer teaches kids to play baseball

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Officer Sam Alvarez feels most at home when he’s coaching or playing the sport he loves.

"Love baseball and just love being out here," Alvarez said.

Alvarez is a Greensboro police officer, but once he steps on the softball field, he becomes a Sheep Dog.

“I just love this,” he said. “This is me and the guys just having fun coming out here."

Alvarez formed the Greensboro Sheep Dogs about two months ago.

The team is mainly made up of fellow Greensboro police officers.

"We have about 22 guys on the team," he said.

But when he's not with co-workers, he's with a much younger crowd.

“I teach them teamwork,” Alvarez said. “I teach them respect, love for the game. Mainly, respect for each other."

He coaches the little league team the Mount Hope Marlins.

He says his love for working with children was sparked by his own tough childhood.

When he was 7, he came to the U.S. from Cuba on a boat lift with his mother and sister and was separated from his father.

“It was tough growing up, learning a new language,” he said. “My mother being here by herself."

“I just went into a depression,” he added.

Alvarez played semi-professional baseball for two years.

“First thing I did when I got to the United States was play baseball,” he said.

But that all stopped after back to back injuries.

"Elbow, knee, torn bicep here," Alvarez said while showing the scar on his arm.

He became a police officer in 2010 but never gave up on his love for the game or helping kids.

“Give something back to the community as well,” he said.

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