8-year-old boy saves mom’s life 1 month after dad killed in Easter weekend crash

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MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. — An 8-year-old Massachusetts boy who lost his father in a crash over Easter weekend stepped up to save his mother’s life when she was choking.

Marie Hunt was baking muffins and decided to try one when she began to choke, according to Fox 25. That’s when Michael O’Brien Jr. sprang into action.

Michael, who is a Cub Scout, was able to remain calm and speak with a 911 dispatcher until they arrived.

“It’s hard for me to keep myself calm. So when that happened, and my mom was choking, it was really hard. I wouldn’t know what do to if she, you know,” O’Brien said. “I wouldn’t know where to go. I wouldn’t know.”

Hunt says her son is off the hook for Mother’s Day because his heroic efforts were a gift in itself.

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